Hello Kids, have fun playing these Kids Games here!

Sonic in Mario World 2
Sonic the Hedgehog
Final fantasy sonic x
Sonic RPG eps
Sonic RPG eps 1 part 1
Tails Cosmic Rush
Sonic RPG eps 5
Final Fantasy Sonic X6
Final Fantasy Sonic X1
Sonic xtreme
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic RPG ep 6
Sonic RPG eps 1 part 2
Sonic rpg 2
Sonic Earth
Ultimate sonic
Sonice xtreme 2
Sonic Pacman
Sonic RPG ep 7
Final Fantasy Sonic X3
Ultimate Flash Sonic
Sonic Snowboarding
Sonic lost in Mario World
Sonic Angel Island
Sonic Smash Bros
Final Fantasy Sonic X4
Final Fantasy Sonic X2
Super sonic click
Sonic Blox
Sonic 2
Sonic In Angel Island
Tails Nightmare